Austin tx how did leslie die

Is Leslie Cochran still alive?

When did Leslie die Austin?

For the years that Leslie lived here, from January 1996—it’s hard to believe he wasn’t here decades earlier—until his death, in March 2012, it was a rite of passage to see his freckled asscheeks bursting from his thong on the city’s streets.

Who is Leslie Austin TX?

Leslie Cochran, who is known for proudly strutting down Austin streets in a thong, was the epitome of keeping Austin weird. He died on March 8, 2012. AUSTIN, Texas — In a documentary premiering at the 2019 SXSW Festival, viewers will get a look inside the life of a beloved Austin icon.

Where did keep Austin weird originate?

Keep Austin Weird first appeared in 2002. A simple question asked by a radio host and a pointed answer from Austin Community College librarian Red Wassenich created the phrase now synonymous with Austin. In 2000, Wassenich phoned into KOOP Radio’s The Lounge Show to donate money.

When did Leslie Cochran die?

Why is Austin’s motto Keep Austin Weird?

It was first said in the year 2000 by Austin-native Red Wassinech. He was calling local radio station KOOP to make a donation, and when they asked why he was donating, he said: `because it keeps Austin weird.` Something in his mind clicked, so he told his wife about it, and they decided to make bumper stickers.

Why does Austin say keep it weird?

Keep Austin Weird is the slogan adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small businesses in Austin, Texas. It is intended to promote local businesses and is inspired by comments made by Red Wassenich in 2000 while giving a pledge to an Austin radio station.

What is Austin Texas catchphrase?

Austin, Texas lives up to many of the iconic slogans that people have given it. We’re known to some as “Bat City” and to others, “the place young people go to retire.” But no phrase captures our city’s character quite like the 18-year-old slogan, `Keep Austin Weird.`

Why do they say Keep Portland Weird?

It originated from the `Keep Austin Weird` slogan and was originally intended to promote local businesses, though it has since evolved into an all-encompassing slogan that secondarily promotes individuality, expressionism, local art, as well as atypical lifestyle choices and leisure activities.

Is Austin TX weird?

This great nation has everything from traditional little beach towns to quaint old mountain towns. And THEN there’s Austin, Texas, hands-down one of the quirkiest, funkiest, weirdest cities in the United States. Austin doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s precisely why it’s so awesome.

Why is Austin so cool?

It has a lot of great parks, river access, hike and bike trails, good food, great music and it has a collaborative tech culture that is warm and accepting of people who are not from here.” Austin also has a highly educated workforce, thanks in part to the University of Texas and other local universities.

What is Austin Texas known for?

Austin is known as the live music capital of the world, and The Continental Club is the live music capital of Austin. The iconic venue on South Congress Avenue opened its doors in 1955 and has since welcomed legends like Robert Plant and Wanda Jackson.

What was weird first Portland or Austin?

Portland was not the first city to adopt this motto. Terry Currier, owner of Music Millennium, was inspired after seeing a local campaign slogan in Austin, Texas (Keep Austin Weird) created by the Austin Independent Business Alliance with the purpose of encouraging folks to buy local.

What famous Austin Street is known for live music and night life?

Dirty 6th Street

Likely Texas’ best known street, the seven block’s of 6th Street between Congress and IH 35 are certainly Austin’s entertainment center. With a little help from it’s many like-minded sister streets, 6th Street is the heart of Austin’s live entertainment scene and the capital of third coast music.

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